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There is nothing like crushing mountains day in and day out to teach you that, yes, food is indeed energy! It's also what makes the world go 'round for hikers! Having a hot meal at the end of a long day of hiking is the ultimate reward. Being able to quickly and easily prepare that meal with gear that isn't weighing down your pack makes the food taste even better. The cook pots and stoves you will find here are some of the lightest out there. Brands like Toaks and Etowah Outfitters are bringing the heat when it comes to ultralight cooking set ups!

  • Cook Pots/Mugs

    The cook pot you choose may not be one of those gear decisions that will make you or break you while out on trail, but it does have a big play in your daily life in camp. Making choices that fit your needs is the name of the game!
  • Stoves

    Choosing the right stove for you back country cooking needs is important. Always make sure you are comfortable and proficient at using your stove before leaving for a backpacking trip.