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Sleeping Bags

Just because you are out in the woods and don't have the usual amenities of life doesn't mean you need to be lacking when it comes time to sleep. There is something about snuggling into a down sleeping bag that nearly beats having a bed! Particularly when you are talking about a top of the line sleeping bag like Western Mountaineering. Not only can a sleeping bag potentially save a life one day in a tight situation, it also provides an excellent experience doing hikers second favorite activity after eating: sleeping! Sleep is important on trail and being cold and unable to sleep leads to a miserable hiker. Make sure you do yourself a favor in this category and invest in a happy and cozy future by purchasing a quality sleeping bag that is warm enough for your intended use!

  • Big Agnes

    Big Agnes lives up to their claim of being the Mother of Comfort. Their lightweight tents will serve you well. rain or shine, for the entirety of a thru hike and their sleeping pads are some of the smallest, yet thickest on the market!
  • Sierra Designs

    Born in California and bred on the trail, Sierra Designs has been committed to supporting people’s love of the outdoors since 1965. Today, that means creating equipment and apparel that is functional, beautiful, and most importantly, attainable.
  • Western Mountaineering

    Western Mountaineering is the end all be all of down sleeping bags. The high quality down of these bags shames your typical sleeping bag. They are a must try product and once you have exposed yourself, you won't be able to except anything less.