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Guide Books

Not all hikes are created equal. Some are short and require just a few days and a small map. Others are long, taking up months of your life and require an entire book. Those are our favorite! Whether you are in for the long haul, or just want the insider scoop on all the nitty gritty details you can get your hands on, picking up a guide book will help. We have plenty of suggestions to help you sort through which book will be best for you and serve you best while on trail. These guides range from a collection of locales that you can hit one at a time like a check list, all the way to a step by step detailed explanation of the Trail. We have guide books that will help you find every major water fall in North Georgia (Seven Waterfalls are just moments from Mountain Crossings), or show the elevation profile of the entire section of trail you want to hike. No matter what your aim, picking up one of these books will absolutely be a benefit.

  • Appalachian Trail Guides

    Whether you are out to go all the way with a thru hike or just out for a few days on a section hike or weekend backpacking trip, having an Appalachian Trail Guide Book will undoubtedly make your trip easier to plan and easier to execute!
  • Waterfall Guide Books

    North Georgia and the Southeast is a wonderful place to go chasing waterfalls! There are so many to choose from that they had to make several books about it!