Books & Maps

Mountain Crossings has a variety of books and maps to offer. These products will help enhance your experience in the outdoors. We carry local trail maps as well as Appalachian Trail maps. These maps will help usher you around the local area or give you a wonderful view of the Appalachian Trail in it's entirety. We also offer books to help your planning and preparation for hiking the Appalachian Trail. These books will help you choose gear and learn necessary practices for long distance hiking. Pick up a trail Guide Book before you head out and it will ease you through all you need to know while on trail for a fun and successful hike! Whether you are looking to set out on a trip or simply enjoy the stories of other hikers, we have something for you!

  • Maps

    When going out into the wilderness, preparedness is very important. Having the right map for your area and your activity can be paramount. Mountain Crossings carries everything from topographic maps of the surrounding area to road maps.
  • Memoirs

    When you can't get out on trail yourself, sometimes the next best thing is a good book about hiking. Everyone's experience is different and there is an endless supply of stories to be read about great adventures!
  • Guide Books

    Nothing makes trip planning on the Appalachian Trail easier than having the right guide book! Looking to be out for just a few days and want to plan everything? Or going to be out for a few months and will plan as you go? Pick up your guide here!
  • Planning & Preparation

    Planning and Preparedness before a backpacking trip go a long way to up your chances of a fun and successful trip. Here you will find several books that will help you prepare with the correct gear, first aid tips and tricks, and more!
Mountain Crossings offers a large supply of Appalachian Trail related books and maps. Maps include detailed coverage of the local north Georgia mountains and many maps of the Appalachian Trail itself. Books cover a range of topics from thru hike preparation and planning, guide books, and memoirs of former thru hikers.