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Cook Pots/Mugs

The cook pot you carry with you on trail will most likely not be the piece of gear that makes you or breaks you during your hike. Chances are, you won't give it much thought once you've chosen what you want. At least, that is true as long as you have chosen well. But if you select a cook pot that is too big or too small, or worse yet, too heavy, then you will quickly find that it becomes a major nuisance to you. If you are trying to cook in a pot that is too small, you are dealing with the hassle of making a mess and wasting food with each use. If your pot is too big, you are wasting space in your pack and may even be carrying extra weight that is unnecessary. We all know we want to avoid that! When you choose the right cook pot for your needs, you don't have to think about that pot again. Mountain Crossings offers items in both ultralight titanium and light weight aluminum so no matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find something.