Hiking & Camp Gear

Having the right hiking and camping gear for you is the most important step in having a great time on your hiking or camping trip. At Mountain Crossings we are fully stocked with all the items you will need! We carry a wide range of the most popular and lightweight backpacks and tents on the market. Our sleeping bags range from top shelf items you will find few other places to excellent quality budget options. We have all the additional touches such as trekking poles, hydration systems, cookware, gear repair and all the small things and accessories that make your trek so enjoyable.

  • Repair

    Let's face it. Gear failure happens. The outdoors are rugged and thats why we go there. No one ever said our stuff would look forever new. But that also doesn't mean we have to get rid of it. Repair it!
  • Chairs

    We've all been there. You roll into camp and there is one guy with a camp chair and everybody is throwing him occasional looks of disdain as they sit their butts on the cold, hard, wet ground. Don't be sour! Be comfortable! Get yourself a camp chair!
  • Hydration

    Proper hydration is one of the most important things hikers need to keep tabs on as they walk. Finding the proper methods of water filtration and hydration products for your personal needs is key to a hikers success.
  • Cookware

    Nothing feels as good after a long day of hiking as a hot meal, particularly if it was a cold or wet day! We've got all you need for the sweetest and lightest camp stove and cook pot set up you can get!
  • Backpacks

    Choosing a backpack is taken as seriously in the hiking community as people choose their significant others. After all, you are going to be spending a lot of time with this pack. Make sure you make a list of what your needs are so you find the right fit!
  • Tents & Tarps

    When thru hiking, your tent or tarp is your house. It is the safest, most secure, most private place you get while on trail. It is important to choose a tent or tarp you love just as much a house you would buy. Good thing this house weighs much less!
  • Sleeping Bags

    Wish you could take your 1,000 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets out into the back country? Well you can, kind of! At least, you will feel like you are sleeping in a kings bed with these sleeping bags!
  • Sleeping Pads

    Wish you could take a Tempurpedic Sleep Number bed with a down comforter out into the back country? Well you can, kind of! At least, you will feel like you are sleeping in a kings bed with these sleeping pads!
  • Sleeping Bag Liners

    Sleeping bag liners are an excellent way to either add warmth to your sleep system, or protect your sleeping bag from your dirty self! Check out our Sea to  Summit liners which are some of the best for backpacking!
  • Trekking Poles

    When it comes to hiking, a very obvious secret of the trade is owning a set of trekking poles. Most folks start out believing they don't need them, but everyone has the moment where someone really explains it to them and they see the light!
  • Stuff Sacks & Dry Bags

    Hikers may have a reputation for smelling bad, being dirty and over indulging in fresh air and excellent company, but that doesn't mean that they aren't an organized bunch! We've got all the stuff sacks and dry bags needed to keep your pack organized!
Mountain Crossing offers all the necessary gear for thru hiking the Appalachian Trail. We carry tents, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, stoves, hydration systems and water filters, backpacking, trekking poles and much, much more.