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Men's Hiking Apparel

When hiking and camping, your apparel can make all the difference! Mountain Crossings has exactly what you need to stay warm and dry on wet and cold days, as well as stay cool on hot days. With the top brands in insulation layers for men to chose from and great layering options as well, you will keep warm on those chilly mountain mornings. Throw on a fleece when it's just a little chilly out and layer it with a down jacket as the temperatures drop. Pair that with the right rain gear and you will stay dry as well! On those hot summer days, shop for quick dry active wear that wicks away your sweat for optimum coolness.

  • Active Wear

    Finding the perfect shirt for wearing while backpacking is a key to comfort. You want something that dries quick when wet from rain or sweat. You want the right color so it continues to look clean. We know the struggle! We've lived the struggle!
  • Base Layers

    Oh, what a difference it makes when you've got the right hiking clothes when you need them! Those chilly shoulder seasons with their unpredictable weather and those long, cold winters have got nothing on a properly layered hiker!
  • Fleece

    Whether you are wearing it around town, cozily tucked away at home, or throwing it into your pack for light weight insulation, a good fleece is one of the most versatile clothing products one can own!
  • Gloves & Mittens

    Winter can be tough on the ten fingers and toes, particularly when hiking in cold weather! We've got all you need to keep your digits warm and functional all through the winter!
  • Headwear

    Wearing a hat in the wintertime to keep you warm isn't just an old wives tale. By covering your head, you are eliminating one of the largest sources of heat loss on your body! Use your brain and keep it warm!
  • Insulation Layer

    Who can pass up the chance to try on a new down jacket?! Even if you're not in the market for one, just trying on what is available is fun. No harm in looking, right? Mountain Crossings offers come of the best jackets for just looking out there!
  • Rain Shell

    There is nothing as demoralizing as hiking your butt off in the rain to reach camp and then having to crawl in your tent when you are sopping wet. We've all been there at some point but it is easy to avoid with the right gear!
  • Soft Shells / Windwear

    The world of soft shells and wind wear are the next level of gear that goes beyond the carry of most hikers. Favorited by ultralight enthusiasts, trail runners and hardcore day hikers, these items are missed by many.