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Gear failure is one of the biggest pet peeves of hikers and backpackers. It's a total bummer and an absolute inconvenience when a piece of gear fails on you. Some times it is more than an inconvenience, it is major trouble and possibly a very dangerous situation. When a piece of gear fails long before it is expected to, its unbearable. But when a piece of gear fails because its old and has been loved hard and it has stuck by us through thick and thin, it is a bitter sweet thing. Chances are, you love that piece of gear want to fix it! The best remedy is a bit of prevention but when that can't be managed, repair is the way to go! Some times that requires just a small piece of tenacious tape. Other times it takes a bit of handy work with a thread and needle. Every now and then you've got to get yourself into town for a major overhaul of a piece of gear. But most times, its a simple fix and having the right stuff on you can turn a major ordeal into a slight mishap!

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