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Many experienced hikers are creatures of habit. When their shoes wear down, they buy the exact same pair because they know they love them and they work well for them. If they are serious hikers, they also buy a brand new pair of SuperFeet insoles to go in them as well. This is because they know that this brand of after market insoles will serve them right as they put miles on their new shoes. SupperFeet are designed with all arch types in mind. You can choose the perfect insole for your foot by selecting one that matches the hight and intensity of your arch. A plastic shank cups around the heel of the foot and tapers down into the arch at a grade depending on each arch type. The firm foam top layer of SuperFeet is soft enough to cushion the ball and toes of the foot while being tough enough to last you well over 500 miles of hiking. If you are looking for a solution to pain in the bottom of your feet while hiking, SuperFeet are an excellent place to begin without having to spend the big bucks on custom made orthotics.

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