Virtual Shakedown

Mountain Crossings is well known as the first place most north bound Appalachian Trail thru hikers have a chance to stop and reflect on what they have learned so far. Most are three or four days into a six month journey and they are realizing that they are carrying far too much weight in the packs or have forgotten a few essential items. The employees at Mountain Crossings are ready and waiting to help every hiker they can. Many times this means the hiker gets a Shakedown, which is when a Mountain Crossings Employee, who are all former Appalachian Trail thru hikers, helps a hiker go though their pack to cut weight and help them in any way possible. We answer any and all questions a hiker may have and also suggest any gear a hiker may need, whether it be a lightweight tent or simply a few bandaids.

Now that invaluable service is available online with the Virtual Shakedown before hikers even hit the Appalachian Trail!

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    Learn all you need to know about getting a Virtual Shakedown before your hike long the  Appalachian Trail! We promise it will help you to avoid walking those first strenuous miles while carrying way too much weight in your pack!
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    If you have already gotten your Virtual Shakedown and are looking to review your package, this is the place for you!
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    Look no further in order to get a Virtual Shakedown before you even step foot on the Appalachian Trail! We promise it will help avoid carrying way too much weight in your pack during those first strenuous miles of your hike!