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A Virtual Shake Down is the 21st century update to Mountain Crossings' decades old, time honored tradition for new hikers looking to make their trek a little easier on themselves. Traditionally, hikers passing through on their hike stop in the shop for a Shake Down where our experienced staff picks through their gear, piece by piece and assists them in dropping their pack weight down to something more manageable. In the process we answer any and all questions and concerns about backpacking, thru hiking, and the Appalachian Trail. Now we are bringing this into the 21st century by making it available to hikers ANYWHERE and getting it done BEFORE you have to walk three whole days with a copy of Pride and Prejudice in your pack because you totally thought you'd have the energy to read at night. Our varied staff of former thru hikers have made all the mistakes you can imagine over our collective 27,000 miles of hiking, but we have learned a lot from those miles! Let us help ease your mind by answering all your questions and lighten your load by picking through each piece of gear you own. We want to optimize your hiker experience from the get go and help lighten the load you plan on carrying 10, 100s, maybe even 1000s of miles. Then as you are rolling along on your hike, you can focus on relaxing and recuperating if you choose to stay at the Mountain Crossings Hostel instead of vying for a Shake Down with may other hikers. View the details below for more information about how a Virtual Shake Down works.

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Virtual Shake Down Virtual Shake Down
Our Price: $100.00
100% REBATE!!!! 100% of the Virtual Shake Down fee can be used as a store credit for 48 hours after the Virtual Shake Down is completed, for online purchases only.