Sale Items

Welcome to last season's gear and today's great low prices! Many of these items have been put on sale because they are older models or there is simply too much stock! Enjoy perusing these deep discounts on all sorts of backpacking and camping gear. You will find a revolving stock of camping and backpacking accessories on this page. You never know what you may find! There may be tents and sleeping bags. You may find clothing and apparel. All items are limited and may not return back on the regular web page, so if you see something you like, be sure to scoop it up fast! Regardless, this is a page to watch on the Mountain Crossings website!

  • Shelters and Accessories on Sale

    Pick up a backpacking shelter on the cheap in our Shelters and Accessories on Sale! You may find anything from tents, to hammocks, to a bivy. Not to mention all the accessories needed.
  • Insulation Layers on Sale

    A good winter coat can make all the difference! If you live in a place where the winters are long and bitter, you know this well! But sometimes those awesome jackets can come at a hefty price. Thankfully you have found your way to a plethora of incredibly warm and high performing jackets and coats from some of the most reputable brands in the industry.
  • Sleeping Bags on Sale

    You have landed in the right place to find a high quality, low cost sleeping bag for all your out door adventures! If you can't find it right here, we are sure will will find what you need among our full priced sleeping bags!
  • Hiking Shoes on Sale

    The shoes you choose can either take you far or take you down. Having the right pair for your style of hiking and for your individual foot is an important part of being prepared in the backcountry. Whether that is light and fast trail runners or strong and supportive hiking boots to get the job done, Mountain Crossings can help you find the right fit.
  • Casual Wear on Sale

    It feels so good to slip into a new tee or dress, particularly when you got a great price on it! Anything from shorts, to hat to flannels lies ahead of you and its all one sale! Nothing makes a fantastic find better than that!
  • Baselayers On Sale

    Staying warm on trail is important! Grabbing those layers to stay warm for less money is the most fun way to make it happen! Layer up with this baselayers on sale!
  • Fleece on Sale

    Getting a fleece jacket of some sort is a great way to beef up your layering system for hiking on those cold winter days or for when you are going in and out of heated buildings in the wintertime. No matter the weather outside to the temps inside, you can be prepared for the elements with the right layering system.