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Granite Gear

Granite Gear is quite possibly one of the more versatile pack builders on the market. Their packs range all the way from heavy hitters that ride like a Cadillac to some of the most minimalistic packs we have seen! Their packs are built with thru hikers and ultralighters in mind. Nearly all their styles have a removable brain or they are designed with out one. But fear not! They are smart enough to know that this doesn't work for everyone and you can purchase one separately if you're not concerned with trimming the fat! Granite Gear as a pack builder mostly certainly is concerned with trimming what they can, though. They even forgo hip belts pockets! Once again, you can opt to add them on if you'd like, and at that point we aren't talking about those pesky little guys that you can hardly fit half a Snickers bar in. When it comes to backpacking, Granite Gear has taken the time to hash out the issues long distance hikers have with packs and they have worked to remedy those problems!