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Soft Shells / Windwear

Many backpackers bypass apparel like wind jackets and soft shells because when it comes down to it, you just can't carry everything you want without suffering greatly for it. Backpackers choose broader, more multi use items like rain jackets and fleece insulation layers in their place but as a consequence they miss out on products that fulfill their sole purpose with wonderful accuracy. Wind jackets hardly ever make it into a thru hiker's pack because they often times aren't waterproof. But a trail runner out for a day can carry a wind jacket that weighs next to nothing just to help cut the chill of the wind and it will also allow much greater breathability than a thick, heavy rain jacket. Soft shells can be worn for a lighter, yet very warm insulation layer that may not be totally waterproof but can easily withstand a light misting. These products round out a gear collection with impressive precision.